The Rooms

Oops! Seems that I didn't bother to take any photos of the rooms this trip!

For reference, click HERE for a detail resort map.

Anyways we had upgraded one level to luxury which gave us a 2nd or 3rd floor with balcony. We chose this category to at least get some view and knew we would be facing the Atlantic side in either the Pigeon Island, Bonne Terre or Cap Estate buildings. We ended up with room 3208 on the 2nd floor of the Bonne Terre building.

All 3 buildings at this end provide a fine view of the Atlantic with some obstructions (trees that line the road that passes by over to Pigeon Island, just past the end of the property. There is some a/c or other machinery that is somewhat noisey which is located near the spa. Rooms in the Pigeon Island building would be the quietest for listening to the waves at night/in the morning.

Rooms in Pigeon Island, Bonne Terre and Cap Estate are within easy access of the main areas so going back to your room to get something you forgot is no big deal.

Rooms on the 1st floor of Pigeon Island, Bonne Terre and Cap Estate seemed to be enclosed in a surrounding hedge making them private but limiting any views. Some rooms almost seemed to be too enclosed in vegetation to get access to the room from the ground floor.

Our room was a decent size with king size bed, lots of dresser storage, a desk, counch and table, tv and a fridge stocked with pop, juices and water. The bathroom was a decent size with long sink and combo bath/shower. The safe had a electronic keypad instead of the usual key that we have seen at other Sandals. There were a few standard outlets so you didn't need an adapter for your shaver or notebook computer. The room include a hairdryer and iron. Supposedly when you opened the balcony doors, the a/c would kick off, although I didn't notice that it did. Our balcony had sliding doors unlike the rooms in the brochures which appear to have no doors at all! :-)

Room service was great and we received turn down service each night. They did not touch the a/c so the room was always cool. They lined up the pillows diagonally for the turndown which was interesting and turned the tv on tuned to the local channel.

Although they provide hangers, I usually find we are short so I make a point of bring half a dozen extra so we're not fighting over them.

I can't say much about the buildings at the other end of the resort, other than that a room in the Massade or Rodney Bay building facing SOUTH would offer fine views of Rodney Bay. Those facing north in the Monchy building face some gardens and the tennis court... not the best view from what I noticed.

As far as room categories for amendities, I don't have much to say since we don't upgrade to get a more luxurious room ourselves, although many have said that all the rooms are quite similar, you might upgrade though to get location such as Rodney Bay view or perhaps a swimup room at the lagoon pool. Considering the cost of upgrading, we prefer to spend the money on a room vacation back home. We find we are too busy enjoying the resort and factilities to spend much time in the room.


In booking your room, I would check closely the location to see if you're facing Rodney Bay or the Atlantic side. Rodney Bay is an exceptional view, however rooms facing the Atlantic side are closer to the ocean. If you check the room category descriptions on the Sandals site, they are pretty good at describing what building and floor you will be in for the chosen category.

Rooms facing the lagoon pool are isolated from any ocean view but if your on the first floor you have the swimup feature. The lagoon pool was always quiet whenever we were in the vicinity.

Like I suggest, save the high cost of upgrading a room for a room vacation back home.