The Pools

Kate and I spend 1 1/2 hours doing a 'pool tour' on our second last day. The Grande certainly has lots of pools to choose from including:

  • Main (Sunset) pool, featuring a swimup bar and adjoining hot tub (lots of activity here!)
  • Upper Cascade pool, featuring a set of bubbler jets and adjoining hot tub (pool volley ball is played in this pool)
  • Lower Cascade pool, featuring a waterfall at one end and close proximity to the beach bar
  • Lovers pool, featuring private sun shields and adjoining hot tub (this is a quiet location)
  • Lagoon pool, a seemingly endless pool (actually 4 pools) featuring swimup rooms (quiet location away from activities and the ocean)
  • Dive pool, to be used only for diving instruction (8 ft deep).
  • Spa pool, not quite a pool, rather hot and cold plunge pools

Below are detailed descriptions and photos of all the pools. I'd like to thank my loverly assistant Kate who posed in most of the pools. For fun see if you can find her in each shot!

For reference, click HERE for a detail resort map.

Main (Sunset) Pool

The main pool is quite large, is located smack in the middle of the resort with easy access to the beach seen behind. It has a depth of 4 ft with some even shallower areas to the left of this photo and around behind the hot tub in the upper right. Being shallower than most pools at other Sandals properties, this means the pool temperature is warmer. A real plus. This is an endless pool which means it has no vertical sides. The pools edges are sloped inwards with some steps and the water flows over the perimeter into drain slits at the very edge. Anyways the surface of the water is at the same height as the surrounding deck area. The large swimup bar is accessible on three sides. If you're getting too much sun, simply move to the side thats in the shade... wish I had done that! The adjoining hot tub seen in the upper right is HUGE. Its great when there are large numbers of guests in it, but otherwise feels a bit too big. You'll notice the beach bar mid/upper photo is quite accessible. Add the self serve kiosk located at the Barefoot by the Seas restaurant located behind the beach bar, and you can see that this area of the Grande is well laid out. All the rooms at this end of the resort are easily accessible from this area so you won't have to walk far to go back for that extra suntan lotion. Too the night of this shot is the pool side restaurant 'Bay Side'. At night a Saxaphonist plays music from the balcony seen here above the swimup bar, a nice touch for guests at the Grande.

As you can see below, there are excellent views of Rodney Bay from the the main pool and close promity to the beach area.

Upper Cascade Pool

This pool is locate a bit higher and to the right of the main pool. It features some bubbles at one end (seen photo bottom - not turned on in this shot), a center island and a larger area setup for pool volleyball seen in the upper left of this photo. Behind this pool are from left to right, Pigeon Island, Bonne Terre and Cap Estate buildings.

Mid pool the water of the Upper Cascade pool continues under a short walkway and into a short river since photo right (below), eventually following through a rock barrier and down into the Lower Cascade Pool near the beach bar. The Lower Cascdae pool and the roof of the beach bar can be seen just above mid photo.

Lower Cascade Pool

Water from the Upper Cascade Pool flows over a stone wall and into the Lower Cascade Pool below. This is a smaller pool with a center island with close proximity to the beach bar, a real plus! It's a great place to float about with your honey, without the traffic that the main pool for example receives. Below is a view looking from the beach bar. The Cap Estate building can be seen in the upper right.

Below is the Lower Cascade Pool looking towards the beach bar and Rodney Bay. The walkway seen left of the beach bar separates the Lower Cascade Pool from the Main (Sunset) Pool. The two pools are NOT connected.

Lovers Pool

Lovers pool is the ideal place to get away from the activities of the main pool and cuddle up with your honey and read a book or float about. It features double loungers with private sun shades and a hot tub just out of view, photo left. This pool is at the far south end of the resort in front of the Massade and Rodney Bay buildings.

Lagoon Pool

Now here is an interesting pool! The lagoon pool winds itself between the Massade and Rodney Bay buildings on one side, and the Monchy building on the other side. It is actually 4 interconnected pools. The pools are accessible with just a few steps from the rooms on the first floor. In the shot below you can see two of the pools with the Rodney Bay building in the upper right, the Monchy building on the left. The corner of the Massade building is seen at photo right edge. This pool complex tends to be very quiet from what I have seen. I suspect it was mainly the guests on the 1st floor that were enjoying these pools.

The photo below shows the largest pool and the easy access from each 1st floor rooms. This is the Rodney Bay building.

Below is the pool adjacent to the Monchy building.

Dive Pool

The Dive pool is at the farthest end of the resort behind the watersports area at the Pigeon Island end. It is only to be used for the diving training and certification. It is 8ft at its maximum depth. I don't think Kate was training in this shot! shhh!

Spa Hot and Cold Pools

Not really a pool, but anyways the spa has the hot and cold plunge pools which you have to try out! Kate let out a string of ooows and ahhhs when she went from hot to cold.

Well it looks like Kate is leaving, I suppose our pool tour is over. Hope you enjoyed the blue aqua as much as we did!