The Beach

The Grande has one of the best overall beaches of any Sandals resort. It is fairly long, but don't expect to go for half hour walks (I've never seen such a beach myself!). The beach area is about 40 - 60 feet deep with lots of lounge chairs and palm trees and palm shades. The beach offers a spectacular view of Rodney Bay with the town of Rodney Bay to the left and a bay of yachts, crusiers, and sailboats at anchor. So there is lots to see from the beach. For those that just want to look out on an endless horizon of ocean, you might be a tad disappointed. For that view I suggest you hike up Pigeon Island for an amazing ocean view. Since the beach is in the protection of Rodney Bay, there are few if any red flag days. There may be a breeze, but the water remains fairly calm which makes watersports activities easier.

Here is the view from the center of the beach looking north towards Pigeon Island. Watersports is at the far end just out of sight. Notice the beach is very clean, as well as the water. The sand is much finer than some of the other resorts we have visited.

Here we are looking along the beach to the south. You can walk pretty much to the far end seen in the photo below.

Mid beach is a long pier with a large gazebo for weddings, feeding the fish or just gazing out at the ocean.

There is a large designated area for swimming which was a great sand bottom which gets deeper gradually. This area is to the south of the pier.

On the north end of the beach is the watersports area. The property ends at the pier seen below. If you continue walking past the pier along the beach you be off the Sandals property and soon approach the public park for Pigeon Island. It is a great place to walk with a somewhat easy hike to the far lookout just to left of this photo. The heigher peak seen to the right requires a bit more effort and a bit of a scramble near the top. The reward however is some specular views! Cost to enter the park is $5 US each.

Here is a view of the beach from atop Pigeon Island. Watersports and pier to the left. The main beach pier and gazebo mid photo. Swimming area to the right of the beach pier.

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